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Rita, Creative Director of Exquisite is one of Sydney's most esteemed and innovative hair experts, celebrating over 40 years in the industry. Rita carries with her a wealth of technical knowledge and skill along with charisma and charm and is known for her resounding determination and visionary leadership. Rita believes a great hairstyle should be a gorgeous framework to compliment the face, it needs to be easy to maintain at home, leaving you feeling confident and classy.

"Hairdressing has been a  passion of mine for most of my life, it allows me to be creative and express myself, most of all it is about showing people how gorgeous they are and feeling good about themselves"




Lisa has been attending to the tresses and beauty needs of a much loved and loyal clientele for over a decade. Lisa has a strong commitment to understanding a client's needs, as well as keeping an edge on fashion, indulging in emerging trends and gathering inspiration to share with her clients. Exquisite offers a full service for weddings, and Lisa specializes in all formal occasions making your special day perfect.

Lisa is a committed learner who states, "the day I stop learning will be the day I stop living."